Friday, August 26, 2011

The not so itsy bitty spider

A lady I worked with asked me to make a tarantula cake for her son's 19th birthday. Sounds like a weird request right? Well her son had 2 tarantulas and loves them.  Anyone who knows me knows that I hate spiders. It was actually quite humorous that I spent most the day staring at spiders in an effort to get this to be as realistic as possible.

As it turns out my kids LOVE love love the cake and were very sad to hear that it was for a customer and they would not be able to eat it. Both my 5 year old son and my 3 year old daughter are now begging me to make them a tarantula cake. ROFL


  1. The title of this post made me laugh... and the spider made me shiver. GOOD JOB!!

  2. I saw this cake in person yesterday and I just wanted to say...WOW. You did such an amazing job. Hopefully I can place an order with you in the future!

  3. Alana, I would be very happy to make a cake for you.